Confession of an addict

Oh yes, I am an addict. Of Google search. If you happen to open my blog by a chance and curiousity and astray during your search, then you probably are also an addict. That is what I learn from this article

This draft article stayed at my draft folder for a while. I don’t give it second look to edit it until now. The link, also another evidence that I “googled” it, share that

The company earns 90 percent of its revenue mostly from search ads. It may mess with the formula from time to time—which vexes so-called SEO (search engine optimization) specialists regularly.  They’re using everything they know about humanity to do it. To humanize the Web even better than Google does. 

Yes, the search engine is becoming humane, in a way that it understand the pattern of human’s way of thinking and deciding. “To humanize the web” means we make it taste like coffee or sugar or ganja. It’s profitable. Indonesia used to be one of the top producer of sugar in the world. Today we rank below India and Australia. Well, welcome to the new era of “sugar”. Search engine that can read your history, in technical way and literary.

Google Search wasn’t just addictive—it became like “the designer drug” of search engines, and we’re still hooked. The ranking system offered the public a sense of which results were important, based on what we searched for and what we visited. In other words, it showed us what we thought was important. 

Yes, we are important, our thought is important. So important that a search engine can predict it. The Web is a reflection of us and our search history tell many things about what happen in your daily life. Of course, what the algorithm do is reading your input and profile, analyze it, connect it, and deliver what you want to your screen or mind. Is that what chocolate bar did to my mind?

A pleasure. In a way, I am happy to know that Google serve my information needs. It’s trying to connect with me. It’s like a relationship. A real one. Google rank the information and tell me, “You want this. I know it.” Briliant!!

And you ask me if I can live without Google? No. I need it.

Malang, 9 April 2016



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