A Yellow Morning

Today is 31 December 2015. A bright yellow sunlight creeps into my bedroom. It feels warm and energizing. The last day in 2015 can’t get any better. On the corner of my bed, I am rewinding my memory to challenges in the past 12 months that I faced and avoid. I tend to avoid conflict and problem because I thought that I had enough of it. I like to go to what I thought as safe space; safe from the complexities of human dynamic relationship. As I learn by experience, I need to go for it. I motivate myself to deal with everything. Just do it the best as you can, the best I know how.

Like the bright yellow sunshine, I can’t live without those conflict and problem. In fact I learn so much from people’s action and reaction around me, from those who bring me problems and those who are trying to help me solve them. So the complexities are humus that allow me to grow better, if I can absorb and reflect upon it.

The yellow sunshine is warm, moist, nutritious. I can turn my life just that. I just need to open the window and let the sun creeps in and touch my skin. I can take all the problems as blessing in disguise. Probably not that rosy but I learn to respect the power within, boundaries, and limitation. And as it get to another cycle of 365 days ahead, I know it can’t get any better than this year. Here they come again.

Malang, 31 December 2015.


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