The right typo for the right soul

There are some people who spend time to find the right font typo as one of their vehicle to carry on load of words. They need to find the right one to make it easier to write and to re-read what they have wrote. I am one of those people.

I like the kind of typo like Delicious and Cabin. I like Ubuntu font but somehow it become too heavy, I am looking for similar yet different kind. So few months ago I found Cabin and celebrate it. At 12 pt, I love it how it appear on my screen. I love what I see and I begin to read and write.

I remember the days of typewriter where you can’t choose and don’t spend time to choose font typo. You just focus on your writing. So now I may be distracting with the business of choosing the typo. The strangest thing is when you finally find the right font typo, feel please about it and stare the laptop screen aghast to find that you can’t write anything. Sigh!

Malang, 23 February 2013


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