Jaringan sosial

Saya sedang bosan dengan twitter. Setelah memasang Ubuntu 12.10 di laptop untuk mengganti versi 11.10 sebelumnya, saya coba memasang twitter client. Mulai dari Hotot, Turpial sampai akhirnya dengan Polly. Dua aplikasi pertama saya hapus.
Masalahnya bukan pada aplikasi tapi pada rasa “lelah” membaca dan mengirimkan informasi sepanjang 140 karakter. It’s becoming too crowded, less focus, less about myself and networks.

I check my facebook once in a day, for about 5 minutes each day. It’s the amount of time I can bear with facebook. For about 3 days, I didn’t open my twitter timeline. I don’t feel something is missing. I don’t think I need to maintain the balance of offline and online existence. Even if I do feel so, I will be the one in charge to decide the “balance” concept I wish to happen. My balance can be difference from yours. Once a week I will visited my Linkedin page. I have occupied myself with emails and blog already. I am very busy that I don’t know what to do and what to write. This is weird because my initial expectation join the social network was the writing part. And I don’t mean to squeeze my writing into 140 characters or turn it to describe my “life status”. Well I am sure somebody have wrote about it. So for a while I try to settle down this networks thing.


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