My career directions

Iseng-iseng tapi bermanfaat, saya mencoba mengikuti LiveCareer’s Career Directions Inventory (CDI) dengan menjawab seperangkat pertanyaan tentang minat, kemampuan dan kekurangan diri saya sendiri. Di websitenya,, tertulis:
When it comes to making career and educational decisions, it’s helpful to get a clear picture of who you are and what you want at this stage of your life. …People with interests that match their career tend to be happier at work, more self-confident and have the “staying power” to obtain the jewels of their chosen profession.

Hasil penilaian sistem mereka sebagai berikut.
Your highest score was on Writing, which means that you enjoy creative or technical writing. You are also likely to be interested in a broad range subjects, so finding occupations that allow you to exercise these interests would lead to higher work satisfaction for you. You also scored highly on Teaching / Social Service, indicating that you enjoy instructing people in learning new things, helping people solve problems, and assisting others. Your high score on the Systematic scale means that you prefer jobs that involve routine but challenging assignments in which order and persistent, steady effort are required. You also like job security to be established, and you dislike frequent changes in schedule and situations requiring quick decisions.

You lowest score was on Sales. You wouldn’t be satisfied in careers that involve selling merchandise or services. These careers involve understanding products and services, informing customers of their features, demonstrating products, and being persuasive with others. You also showed low interest in Health Service, so you’re likely to be unsatisfied in careers that involve helping to prevent, diagnose or cure diseases through laboratory work, or by attending to the health needs of individuals directly. Finally, your low score on Art means that you wouldn’t enjoy careers that involve performing on stage, creating visual artwork, or other means of artistic expression.

Betul sekali. Saya tidak bisa menjual dan membujuk. Tidak bisa bukan berarti tidak mau belajar. Saya rasa perlu juga belajar untuk satu ini. Saya kenal beberapa orang yang dulunya tidak pandai menjual tapi karena terdorong situasi dia belajar dengan cepat dan bisa. Kalau untuk seni, saya lewat deh. Itu salah satu kekurangan saya.

Tidak lupa catatan terakhir dari website tersebut mengatakan bahwa
… you’ll go through this career development cycle several times throughout your life. After you’ve reached a career or educational milestone, you’ll find yourself back at the first step, analyzing your current situation.


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