Back to life

Selama seminggu saya berada di Jakarta untuk keperluan pekerjaan. Saya menolak secara halus permintaan implisit dari atasan untuk tinggal lebih lama. I don’t stay in Jakarta so 6 days will be the maximum. I never like Jakarta traffic and it’s getting silly trying to hang on here.

Selama 3 hari saya menginap di rumah teman yang masih lajang di daerah Bekasi. Perjalanan dari rumahnya ke kantor makan waktu 1,5-2 jam. Kemudian saya menghabiskan 2 malam di rumah adik saya di Gunung Putri, Bogor. Perjalanan satu arah juga menghabiskan waktu sekitar 2 jam. Dalam perjalanan kantor-rumah adik saya harus berganti 5 angkutan umum mulai dari mobil sampai ojek. Melelahkan. Terutama karena tidak ada pemandangan menarik yang dapat menghibur mata dan hati selama perjalanan. It’s Jakarta and you can’t expect much than business and money.

I actually plan to spend time to meet friends but it’s not happen. I just can’t handle 2 more hours trip to other destination that will take me further to the final destination, my brother’s home. Today, I’m going back to Malang and I still had headache from last afternoon. I thought sleep will make it go away. But my sleep is not comfortable. Since my brother only has 1 AC in his house, the three of us sleep in one bed. However, my brother can’t stand the cold so he put the AC at 30 degree celcius. I was sweating in my sleep and keep awake few times.

I may only work for a few hours today. I never enjoy my sleep in Jakarta. The air is hot. The AC is a temporary comfort that sometimes some people are not used to. I dread the future duty where I have to stay in Jakarta for 1 month for the transition to the new person. I hope it will be for 2 weeks only.

I am very happy that my organization had found someone to replace my position and take other responsibilities from regional coordinator. However, I am still worry because we haven’t finalize it into concrete working agreement. I still hope that everything will go very smooth. I want to take time off out of it. Doing something else. Back to my librarian life-style. Why is it difficult to be independent professional librarian? It is easier to work as librarian for an education or profit-oriented institution.

I hope things will get better.

Banten, 17 Februari 2012.


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