something different yet similar

Satu kegiatan telah berhasil dilalui dengan baik. Saatnya menulis laporan, baik itu laporan kegiatan maupun laporan akhir tahun. I am excited because if it going as I plan, my contract will end in 2 months to come. Because I am a contract worker and treated that way, it always a relieve to know that I will do something different.

I will always be part of JASS big family and it’s more than a job or a responsibility. It’s a dedication and passion for a long lasting cooperation and collaboration based on friendship and shared vision. It’s not in the job description.

Having a big family always help because they will show me other side of the world that I never know. It always surprise me to find many similarity across cultures and to know that it is given different values. We are so rich, diverse, unique, common. It’s funny. If we truly understand that the earth is not center of the universe, than we will understand that we are not the center of the truth.

Malang, 17 Desember 2011


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