Another laptop, another business

Two days ago I bought additional laptop to my lovely ASUS netbook. It was a Lenovo Z360 which I bought in below market price, or at least that what I think, as much as Rp 4.800.000. I see in online store they sell it Rp 6.100.000. So yes, aside of the technical feature that I need, I feel happy.

The laptop specification can be found here It is DOS based so I install BlankOn Sajadah on it. Yes, it is a 32-bit laptop, I thought it is a 64-bit.

After 2 days trying my hand on it, I conclude that the performance, monitor display, keyboard, and huge storage are great and suit my need. But the battery and weight are not the things you will like. It’s heavy because it’s equip with DVD Dual and the battery in linux can reach at maximum 3 hours or less. I surely disappointed on the battery. I plan to make it as my desktop laptop…hahaha.

I have big plan for this laptop. I will use it for my TranscriptDOC business and to get better reading with its 13 inch monitor.

I know I can.

Malang, 10 July 2011


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