Sexual Knowledge: Published

As I gain my sexual experience, I am feeling the joy and pleasure around my “sexual organ”. I began to use that formal term because I like the meaning of it. It is surely better than call my vagina, vulva and uterus as reproductive organ. It is also the right term but since I want to benefit more of sexual recreation of my genitalia rather than to reproduce another human, I prefer to call it as sexual organ.

The pleasure somehow lead me to another curiosity about the terms and language of human sexual organ. So I checked out in internet, specifically to know the definition of certain organs. Below is the meaning that I found.

a sexual organ above the vagina which can give a woman sexual pleasure when it is touched

(also genitalia)
specialized the outer sexual organs, especially the penis or vulva

the part of a male’s body which is used for urinating and in sexual activity

testicles or testis
either of the two round male sex organs which produce sperm and are contained in the scrotum (= bag of skin) below and behind the penis

the organ inside a woman’s body where a baby grows

the part of a woman’s body that connects her outer sex organs to the place where a baby grows

the parts of the female sex organs which are outside the body, between the legs

(Definition from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary or

Those terms may be familiar to us especially those who attend the formal public or private schools. For me, most of the terms are familiar but the meaning are less familiar. I find my body like the air; you breath air every second in your life from the day you were born yet it is so hard to grasp the meaning by heart and define it.

I hardly know about my clitoris until a few years back. Even then I don’t want to try to touch it or experiment with it. I don’t know what it does and why it is there. Recently, few months ago I had the chance to explore it and know about the great pleasure it can bring. Gentle touch on it and you will go. If you stroke it, you will go further.

After that, I start to understand why the patriarchal system in some cultures are bother to force women circumcision practice. The clitoris was very orgasmic that women must be denied the pleasure.

I know that my sexual organs are more than those I mention above. There are inside sexual organ that I need to know more. As a wise person have said: you can’t have power on something that you don’t know about. You also can’t protect your body unless you know about it.

I can learn about sexuality and my sexual organs in private. I do that and at the same time I want to let my friends know that I am learning my way. I don’t want to pretend that I know much about sex or thinking that it’s something private that I don’t need to publish. I learned that just because a person have had sex, it doesn’t mean that he/she know about sex and her sexual organs or ever had orgasm. I have read and heard some women, perhaps many women, had never experience orgasm and feel at distance with their own body-pleasure.

There is another reason why I publish “naughty” question in my facebook account. I found that often I don’t know what to do or how to react when I heard about someone or a woman who is a victim of sexual violence. The case of violence is not some distance away, often it’s near us. If it’s not near you than you must live in a very protected and usually expensive environment. Having talk or publish question or statement about sexual organ or about sex itself, I encourage myself, readers, friends, and others to learn and recognize their attitude about sex, about penis, vagina, etc. We are treating our mouth and ears different that our sexual organs when all of them are parts of our body and makes us “the normals”.

Many of us are not ready to talk, write or even read about abortion, rape, sex pleasure, etc. Of course everyone has the right to learn about sex in private and not sharing it. But when the space is here and I am part of it, I want to fill it with my voice and my knowledge. In the age where sex videos, pitures and games are a-click away, I find the urgency to be intimate with my own sexual organs.

Jakarta, 25 February 2010


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