Social media in 2010

According to Readwriteweb, social media will take the online communities into different experience. They estimated that there is 2 billion people connected to the internet and predict that there are changes to the way we use social networking tools. Here is what they said about social media in 2010.

1. Social Media Will Become a Single, Cohesive Experience Embedded In Our Activities and Technologies

2. Social Media Innovation Will No Longer Be Limited By Technology

3. Mobile Will Take Center Stage

4. Expect an Intense Battle As People and Companies Look To Own Their Own Content

5. Enterprises Will Shape the Next Generation of What We’ve Called “Social Media”

6. ROI Will Be Measured — and It Will Matter

7. Finally: Real, Cool and Very Bizarre Online-Offline Integration

8. Many “Old” Skills Will Be Needed Again

9. Women Will Rule Social Media

10. Social Media Will Move Into New Domains

We definitely can criticize the changes and create the meaning of social media to our own life and community. In number 4 for example, the “intense battle” has negative tone while it can be complementary to each other. Also to carefully analyze the phrase “to own their own content.” I think to create and distribute our content is one thing and to own our own content is another. I think “content ownership” in social media age has new meaning compare to previous media that we used. I really want to elaborate this issue further.

Jakarta, 2 Januari 2010


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