Turning point at 30

I am 30 today. I am happy today and for the 30 years I have gone through. I am not yet fulfill my expectation but I will carry it for years to come. I am full excitement. I am full of love and passion. Life never end to begin.

I believe in the power of vision. I believe that I am going to many turning points that will lead me into “something”. Success, as beauty, lay in the eye of beholder.

I am happy for the supporting force I had so far and beyond. I have plans, a few rules, and some money. Sounds like good combination.

I miss Papua-land although I never been there. Is it a calling? I am in the middle of long-distance relationship. I want to make my own clothing brand. I am planning to get marry. I will be looking for new job in three months from now. I am planning to take Jakarta – East Java Tour. I want to be a volunteer in a social organization. I want to pierce my lip.

It has been 30 years since I was born and breath the world I live in. I become the player. So I turn back at this point to mark my 30 years of growing intuition and consciousness into self.

Medan, 10 April 2009


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