Walk your talk

November 2008

Shape Your Future
Three significant aspects among slow-moving outer planets make this a major month of transition. The effect of each one lasts for weeks, but the most noticeable events are likely to occur close to the peak dates given here. On November 4, structured Saturn, in your 6th House of Work, forms the first of three powerful oppositions to liberating Uranus in your 12th House of Destiny. Tension between responsibility and freedom may cause you to rebel against the boredom of your daily routine. Short-term crises can trigger flight from a job or a breakdown in discipline. If you seek meaningful change, slow down and plan an escape route that will lead you to a more manageable and spiritual life. This is just the first stage of a process that finishes in September 2009, so there’s no need to take the leap before you clear a place to land.

Keep in Mind this Month: A conscious connection between purpose and possibility makes it easy for you to find and follow your star.

Key Dates for Aries
Nov 16: Walk Your Talk
Your ruling planet, Mars, fires into Sagittarius, where your natural enthusiasm reaches an extreme. Restlessness breeds urges to travel far, expand your mind and leave your present life behind. You are a powerful presenter of ideas and principles, making you a good teacher and salesperson. But right now the only customer who truly counts is you. If you believe in something strongly, don’t just talk about it. Do it.

December 2008
Going Out with a Bang

The year finishes with a powerful push that propels you ahead into 2009. The action kicks off with an assertive Sun-Mars conjunction on December 5. Your enthusiasm can overwhelm the fainthearted unless you have a constructive place to put excess mental and physical energy. A gentler cooling trend is initiated by sociable Venus™s entry into friendly Aquarius on December 7. Cooperative friends remind you that you dont have to carry the load alone, but your instinct to act first and ask questions later may cause you to zoom past people ready to lend you a hand. The Full Moon in high-strung Gemini on December 12 can be extra intense as nervous energy pushes conversations beyond safe boundaries. Thoughtless words and sudden shifts of mood can detonate relationships. Pent-up feelings could explode if you feel too constrained. When you sense tension rising, step back and calm down before confronting its source.

Key Dates for Aries
Dec 5: Self-Direction
Today could be fabulous or a fiasco, depending on what you do with it. The punchy Sun-Mars conjunction in your 9th House of Adventure is ideal for promoting a cause, hiking a mountain, or dancing until two in the morning. But without a healthy outlet for the fire you feel inside, you may strike out in anger or battle someone in authority. The key is to take charge of your life, even if it means temporarily abandoning others to direct your passion with playfulness or for a higher purpose.

Source: tarot.com


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