A New Project

How great things are?! I have a new project, I disclosed the project to some of my friends. I feel excited about it. It’s mine. It’s ridiculously serious and fun. I am dreaming about it. I can visualize it. I was and am in passion about it. It’s like an old dream starting to weave itself to come true. I keep telling myself, I want it, I want it, I always want it from the day I meet my grandma and saw her bras. It’s an affection of her style and fashion and a tribute to her personae.

I cried for this because I am missing my grandmas (one still alive, one passed away). This is something I want to do for them and for myself. I need to be extreme on this. Niken being extreme? Doesn’t she always? Hahahaha….

Medan, July 25th 2008


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