Top view rating of my blog

This is interesting. Take a look at view rating of my articles in wordpress! Mine is showing like this:

Paradigma Komunikasi Positif dalam Pemasaran, 692 views
Bermasalah dengan film porno a.k.a bokep, 442 views
Pantat Besar, 295 views

So, positive communication in marketing is on the top. Perhaps, many marketer is on the line. Then the runner up and the third position filled by something had to do with porn movie and big bottom. All the articles are in bahasa Indonesia. I have to make analysis of this. Umm, later on when I get my head back to its place. Right now, it’s going everywhere.

Keep on writing and posting to track plagiarism! Hail Niken! :).

Medan, June 9, 2008


One thought on “Top view rating of my blog

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