Fall lovers

I was planning to wrote about cruising Medan in daylight. But last night, I saw my friend in Jakarta/Depok online and we chat for few minutes. And our chatting are worth to mention here. Wow, less than one month I left her and now she claimed that she is now in the state of in love (again). It looks like this is serious and can hold bigger chance as it leads bigger change in her. Hahaha…

This is great, this is the news I am looking for from Jakarta/Depok. She told me about her feeling to this man. My guess she just met him or recently in close contact to him because she never told me about this man before. She will be full of flowers these days, I am sure for that. She sounds very very excited and full of passion. She sounds like every woman who falls in love. I am happy for her. This time it looks like the ultimate and the best from the other guys.

She sounds ridiculous and silly and isn’t it what every fall lovers do? Love really can bring out the shine and the best of a person. She makes me curious of this man. After couple of men that she told me in the past, this one seems…well, alright. She rejoice the moment with him. There are many things that she likes from this man. But I don’t know. I can’t see the future and it may be better not to be able to do that. This is really the good news for sunday evening. I mean aside of my cruising around Medan today and met my colleagues from Jogja in Medan airport. All of that boost my spirit. Welcome Monday! I am fully prepared for the worst.

Medan, June 2, 2008


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