The Gibbon in My Box

My ubuntu desktopAfter deciding to install Ubuntu 7.10, I was proud and relieve. I used to have LinuxMint in my laptop for couple of months and when I tried to upgrade it, I failed. Therefore, I must install it from beginning.

I copied my own Gibbon from IT staff in my office. Install it at home and succeed. The reason I use LinuxMint than Ubuntu 7.04 was because the resolution was configured automatically in Mint. But in Gutsy, the problem solved. I was learning again. Turn out there are many changes made and I am so impressed with Gibbon. Great salute for those who develop it.

Since I had hotspot in my office, I can freely update and install some applications. I browse the web for learning materials and experiences from discussion groups. It’s a lesson worth to learn. Much of the lessons are in english so again english ability is an asset.

In Mint some hardwares unable to operate automatically. Advances are made in Gibbon. I am using Acer travelmate 2480 which I bought late of 2006 with Linux. I was then installed Windows XP.

Some parts that works well in my laptop under Gibbon are:
– internal card-reader,
– email and web shortcut buttons,
– LCD projector,
– touchpad (with synaptics),
– keyboards,
– battery,
– speakers,
– wifi,
– LAN (wired-network),
– printer (HP in specific),
– USB flash.

I still have trouble in configuring and using internal modem. I can’t use PCMCIA card. Gutsy doesn’t automatically detect the card. Another is the headset for the speaker, I can’t use it because sound will still come out from the speaker after I plug the jack.

Also, the full-charge battery only last for 1 hour and 30 minutes. In Windows XP, it could last for 2 hours. I am still looking for a way to extend my battery power.

Aside of those difficulties, I am satistify with Gibbon. I definitely into Compiz. Right now, some activated Compiz features in my laptop are:
– desktop cube,
– rotate cube (2 workspace),
– window decoration,
– move windows,
– ring switcher,
– place windows,
– group and tab windows.

In tired days, I will activate water feature. It’s a blessing to have when your eyes need some raindrops on your desktop.

Below are the applications I had in my laptop. You’ll see that I had more than one application to do one function. I am in a learning program, remember.
Accessories: avant window navigator, bluetooth analyzer, calculator, character map, dictionary, disk usage analyzer, gdesklets, Kconfigure, Kfilereplace, Macslow Cairo-Clock (bawaan dari Awn), manage print job, take screenshot, terminal, text editor, tomboy notes, tracker search tools, weather wallpaper.

Games: there are 17 games such sudoku, chess, solitaire, tetravex, gnometris, blackjack, etc. Mostly I play Mahjong.

Graphics: Dia Diagram, Gimp, gthumb image viewer, inkscape, Openoffice drawing, phatch photo, scribus, xscane scanner, picasa.

Internet: downloader for X, ekiga softphone, evolution mail, firefox, thunderbird, gnome PPP, google earth, opera, pidgin, skype, terminal server client.

Office: Adobe reader 8, alexandria book, evolution, kexi, kword, kspread, openoffice: database, word, presentation, spreadsheet.

Other: input action, keyboard, keyboard layout.

Programming: Klinkstatus, kommander, kompare, quanta.

Sound and Video: audacity, brasero, gnomebaker, jack control, k3b, movieplayer, mplayer, oggconvert, realplayer, serpentine, rythmbox, Smplayer, cd extractor, sound recorder, VLC, XMMS.

System Tools: avahi zeroconf, configure debian, gkdebconf, wine-doors.

Too crowded I think but I will uninstall some of them in the end. I am not a programmer or web developer, so I don’t have an urgent to have certain application that also work in Microsoft. I am a common user and Gutsy has served me very well.

Lempuyangan, December 26, 2007


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