Today will be yesterday

Some turning point in our lives could happen sooner or later than we expected. Mine probably later. Everything comes as I am walking down the hill, collecting experiences and becoming somebody. It’s time to go back to climb that hill I left.

I can’t see myself as an event organizer, I just leave it to “them”. I can’t see myself as an administration worker. I can’t stay calm and waiting. There’s got to be more to life because I know there’s more in me people have yet to see. There’s a danger to embrace and control your energy to do something with little support from your heart. I think people could see when a person do things without his/her heart. I can’t pretend to be someone I am not. I am a different person from yesterday.

I have on going strength from Almighty and I am a strong believer in my belief to be “useful human”. I am in need to keep on growing. I probably will look like chasing a falling star but I know where I stand. I know exactly what I want and how to get there. My heart fills with energy and spirit to think and act. If nobody notice it then I have to show it up. And I can’t show it unless the heart has its space where it belongs.

I won’t let this get too far.

November 2007


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