Electronic Stove

Jan 2003

It was one episode of my life I shall not forget. I’m still in my first step to be an independent woman. And to go that way one must have an electric stove to cook instant noodle. Yup, that’s right. Instant noodle, the foods you eat in emergency situation or if you have least knowledge and experience in cooking. There’s a joy of watching and waiting for the water to be boil and the noodle get cooked. Then you’ll be happy because the civilisation has created such an invention of practical cooking that blessed by the women-kind.

I don’t think myself to be a career woman in the future until I was in the last year of my high school. I keep thinking then how good it is to have my own money and not be dependent on my parents and definitely I always want to have a house design and decorated by myself. Dream, dream and dream.

In college, I become more focus on becoming a career woman. Having a job that I love, a profession that I cherished, a life that I adore. I’m so poetic and, and, and, I hate to get stuck in the middle of my sentence. Something disturb my mind path and what else could that be if wasn’t a, a, a, I feel ashamed to say it. Well, I guess everybody knew the answer by now. It’s a, well you know. Of course all of you knew about it. It’s something natural and considered as a gift to human being. Without it human can’t reproduce and there’ll be no continuation of human civilization left in this beautiful, full of love world. Now, do you know what I mean?

I’m 23-year-old and I think it’s normal to think of having a serious relationship that lead to even serious commitment of a life time. I have estrogens hormones crying out loud of me to express my sensuality and sexuality and craziness. In my work place I entertain myself by looking at some “interesting” guys. Some married, few were not. I don’t dare to be aggressive and get serious for I know that I won’t be long in here. I mean time is change and so do I. I was scare of change sometime. I mean if people change then if I get married my husband too will change. If we can change together in the balancing way that’s good. But if we go in the opposite direction, the problem of today marriage will be upon us.

Okay, back to the electric stove. There’s no one in Surabaya sale the same electric stove I knew in Jakarta. So, I asked my mother to bought one in Depok Mall and send it to me along with the new cellphone. O, right you don’t know about it, do you? Yup, I lost my cellphone. Guess where? My office in the sixth-floor, where only me and some lonely-seeking souls would come. I did lock the back and front door but didn’t lock the window sill. And that’s where the thief came. The phone was inside my bag, on the front pocket and I put the bag near the window. So it was very easy for him to took it out.

Good thing though he didn’t take my Planet Ocean wallet and the money inside it. Because as the rumour of my cellphone missing went spread like chicken pox, I knew that there were many similar cases and the lost items were even more expensive than mine. What an interesting office I’m working in. The stealing took place both in the admin building and the plant.

Some accused the contractors and cleaning service but I blame no one. I don’t know, I just didn’t feel so lost. I do regret of the money in the cellphone card, which left to Rp 300,000. Now I have to start saving from the beginning. Hell, I like to saving anyway. It’s a hobby.
Love, once again, if I ever fall in love, it would be to my own dream. For now I only looking for friends wherever they are and to get along and get crazy together. How’s that sound?
But for the sake of making my parents happy, I told my mother that there’s one guy, a young-good looking-single-polite engineer that I like and I’m trying to get him. Even my grandmother is happy. That’s good. Everybody happy. Nothing’s wrong with that.

I have one idea to be a movie and one to be a sitcom. I really longing for someone who can understand, appreciate and support me to write this ideas and really helping me to make it happen. That’s probably the wildest dream I had.



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