Dear you…

Dear you,

Do you know my worries? I am afraid that you’ve been falling in love too much too often. I am afraid that you got used to be hurt and put very little effort for this relationship. I don’t want to be your past expectation. I don’t want to be your forgettable passion that will easily passing by. I don’t want to be your future broken arrow. I don’t want to be casual memory that will fade away.

I can’t mend anything that I don’t start. I won’t hurt a heart that I love. I won’t tolerate a lie you said. I won’t become your alternative love when you tired of becoming prince charming. Dear you, it hurts to think that I may the only one who feels this feeling. I want to convince myself that you’re not the one. Still, I wish I was wrong.

I won’t pretend that I have no earthly feeling toward you. But when it was not worth to fighting for then I want to let it goes by. You are still a lovely man. I won’t give up on you as a friend but I almost put it off as a woman. I still believe that there is something more in you. I don’t know how I can get such believe. Have I become like the women who have given up on you in the past?

My dear, you should know that I rarely fell in love. I am afraid of nothing. It just, time is harder to bear when you are a lover. Have I become too-logical or is it denial?

You want to convince me that our heart can never be joining together. Then why are those eyes of yours searching for a thing that I am yearning. My dear, my heart isn’t a phone where you can put on hold for a few minutes before it left unconnected.

Dear, you could easily push the button to stop the hold tone as you did before. But don’t expect me to do the same as quickly as yours. I have never trained myself to let go something precious that way. My heart is not a water closet. If someone else had hurt you, then it’s better to talk it through.

If you think I put too much expectation, let me learn something.



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