Happy Birthday

puisi untuk Zein


Do you know why we celebrate our birthday?

because it was the day

when your mother’s vagina flourish

to bring out a live

from that small hole

you thought small and fragile


Do you know why your birthday is special?

it was to remind you

about your mother when she screamed

and giving you a pressure

to be in charge of your own living


Do you know why we are forgetting such reminder?

because we forget that once we were born

from a woman’s womb

because we think pregnancy is all about joy

and because we hate to remember the pain


What are you wishing for your birthday?

a better everything of what you already had?

or saying “Thank you for giving me birth” to your mother?


Do you know why your feeling mix up on that day?

because it was the same feeling your mother once had

when she heard you crying and reaching out

on the same date every year

she remember your birthday that way


Why are you happy in your birthday?

because you know your father

you are certain of your beginning

and anticipate the ending

to have it carved on your tombstone


What are you thinking today?

You are one year older

you were born and move on

happy birthday!


Kasongan, 19 April 2007


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